Why Srpika university?

At Srpika we train you to become not only a successful trader but also an intelligent and a wise trader. We train you to a level where you can judge for yourself when to trade and when not to dip your hands in choppy and volatile days of the market.
The mere fact that the training is online makes it so much feasible for everyone to join, be it an office goer, a college student, a homemaker, an entrepreneur… as it does not involve attending classes or lectures or webinars.

So how do we train?

We have several one-on-one interactive sessions via online platforms. We do not believe in over loading and burdening the students with a sea of data in the name of teaching the tricks of the trade. Instead, we have come up with a unique way of teaching retail trading which otherwise appears to be very complexed and which common people fear. Movements of the market which can be extremely intimidating to a new trader are broken down and simplified to a level which can easily be understood, and we call them strategies. These strategies are given out as lessons through videos which are uploaded on a weekly basis on YouTube. In the videos, I explain everything about that strategy/lesson in simple language using real market day examples. Therefore, I talk, demonstrate and construct a strategy.
Students are free to ask questions and clarify doubts, if any.

As a part of the training the students become parts of several private groups on social media platforms which are more like family and provide as a community for discussion, learning and sharing. We welcome everyone as family and maintain a safe space. I personally maintain a relationship with all my students to help and guide them; boost their morale as and when required.

As our tag line goes ‘No chart No bakwas’, so we take pride in stating that our training does not involve reading and analysing charts, tables and crunching numbers. As explained above, we have a very simplified way of training using our strategies. I have put in a number of years in understanding the market, so my strategies are tried and tested by me and are supremely accurate.