Baapofchart is a product developed focusing individuals, who would like to generate consistent profit without spending their time on trading. The algorithm for Baapofchart is developed using successful strategies, that has been derived and resulted in success over the years.
SRPIKA’s Mantra : No chart… No Bakwas… , along with Baapofchart is expected to create a new Trading wave..

Why Stock Market

Our Mission

Srpika Baap of Chart has a mission to eradicate poverty and financial shortfalls especially of the people who slog long hours at their jobs and are mostly underpaid.

Our Vision

SBOC and MD Nasir envisages a millionaire in every house which is attached to Srpika family and through various Srpika philanthropic foundations like hospitals ,orphanages etc wishes to reach out to the underpreviliged with his down to earth ” No bakwaas” motto in life. In his words -“A smartphone with internet connection is sufficient to fulfil your dreams”

How To Make Money

No Chart ! No Bakwas !

Why Baap of Chart ?

So how do we train?

Features of YouTube Premium membership:

The weekly videos uploaded on YouTube are made available to the premium members of the channel. They get a life-long access to these videos.
Here, other than the strategies, we also post videos regarding any sudden change in the market pattern or anything related to the trade which I feel should be shared with my students.
There are several advanced features and perks for the premium members available at the channel.
This also gives my students a great platform and forum to communicate with us and their fellow students. They can freely put up their doubts and I try to answer their queries then and there.You can Join by given link